THe Commission


The FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM) was created in 2006 with the mission to increase the number of women involved in all related motorcycling activities and provide them with better opportunities and possibilities. Promoting the presence of women in motorcycling activities and giving them the chance to be part of the wide motorcycling family is our goal and we hope you will also contribute to it. We also put all our efforts in improving collaboration and communication with motorcycling stakeholders to develop the sport and the activities for women.


TALENT TO COME FIRST meaning to choose the persons not because of their gender but because of their capabilities and abilities. To a certain extent, it means that women would naturally be part of motorcycling and no specific efforts or promotion would be needed. "Talent to come first" is a slogan or baseline for the commission to underline that promotion, education and communication are key and that more education, training and tuition are required to have more talents. Having more women at leadership positions as well as within volunteers and officials is crucial.


TO REACH ITS VISION the commission will:

  • ŸShow all the opportunities inside and outside motorcycling

  • ŸShow the benefits to the FIM stakeholders of having more women

  • Create role models give some training and education

  • Encourage more women to be a part of the motorcycling worlŸd


Short term objectives

  • Focus on grassroots – new blood is needed to develop competition and to change mentalities

  • Stronger and closer cooperation with National Federations to implement projects at national level via creating a network

  • Develop training and test days to attract more female participants and increase their abilities and skills

  • Promote women’s involvement and opportunities for women - show successful examples via role models

  • Put efforts in communication, PR, advertising and social media to spread messages

Long term Objectives

  • Increase the number of female riders

  • Increase the level of female riders

  • Increase the number of female official in all disciplines and at all level

  • Increase the level of female officials

  • Have more female at leading positions

  • Increase the spectrum of activities in which women were involved – have a larger variety of activities

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