The conference in a nutshell

This conference is designed to celebrate inspiring women and men involved in the motorsports world who took position to promote and increase the presence of women in motorsports. With keynote speeches, empowering panel discussions and workshops, the conference is a platform to address issues surrounding in motorsports and to share deeply inspiring stories.



By high level speakers, learn from successful women in motorsports, get the importance of female role models and expand your network. Beside gaining ideas and advices, the conference will give you a unique opportunity to broaden your network and build new relationships. Most importantly you will get inspired!



During the weekend with the biggest names of women´s motorsport you will learn how the world champions made it to the top, how and when to start the training in order to become the best athlete, what is the meaning and social impact of the sport for children and how to become a succesful leader in the male dominating world. The conference will provide also concrete tools on how to organize training camps and coaching events, how the manufacturers should develop their products for women and how to approach female consumers. Also the experts of electric industry will share their ideas about the future of motorsport concentrating especially on Formula E and MotoE world championship series.